In Memoriam (4) 2019
January 10th 2019. In Memoriam: Tony Wilkinson, UK (70). Today we were informed by Jenny Wilkinson that her beloved husband Tony has passed away. We are very sad and our thoughts and prayers are with Jenny and their family. We have known Jenny and Tony (from the Isle of Wight in the UK) as long term André fans.
Tony’s passing must have happened unexpectedly, since he posted a big colored block on Facebook on January 7, with the words: “I want to go back to the 31st of December 2018. People wish you a happy and healthy New Year. But since the start of 2019 I have had a tooth ache. That’s gone. But now I have a back ache. Roll on February 2019!” This is incredible….. We are so sorry he left us so soon. We wish Jenny much strength in coping with this terrible and sudden loss of her beloved husband.
Jenny wrote us: “Tony suffered with Parkinson’s. Only just with walking problems. Yesterday we went to our usual shops, stopped for coffee during our time there. He felt dreadfully poorly. His pulse was very low and blood pressure low. We were at the hospital about 3 hrs. And they couldn’t revive him. There was only us 2 and a little dog. I have already decided on Highland Cathederal. Thank you for your kind words. Would love to see a memorial on your lovely site”.
Memories by Richard Oswick: ”In 2017 we were with Gary and his family on a break in the Isle of Wight. I remembered that Jenny and Tony lived on the Island and asked Gary if he was up to surprising them, which of course he was. So I sent a message to Jenny asking if they fancied a coffee and chat with Linda and me. We agreed to meet at a supermarket which had a cafe. We met them first whilst Gary stayed out of sight. The look on Tony and Jenny’s faces when he appeared, was classic. It was lovely to have a chat and photos, Tony said he knew another fan who was ill in Australia and Gary agreed to talk to him on the telephone without hesitation. We are so glad we made the effort to meet up with the Wilkinsons and give us all a happy memory”.
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