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January 6, 2018. Traditional New Year’s concert in Amsterdam. The first concert in the new year and the first of the new tour, was performed in Amsterdam. It was a big success (as always). Where else fitted the song “Tulips from Amsterdam” better than here? Click on the picture for a video and photo impression.
January 26, 2018. For the second time in a row André Rieu performed the 13th Semperopernball in the German city of Dresden. Presented by (the Dutch) Sylvie Meis and Guido Maria Kretschmer for the German MDR-TV. Click on the picture.
February 15, 2018. The Australian Hat Academy interviewed Agnes Fizzano about her passion for Millinery. Click on the picture to find the link to the article.
Harpist Vera Kool’s baby was born on the 6th of February 2018. His names: Daniel Jurriaan. Little Daan, welcome to the world. Congratulations to Vera Kool and her husband.
February 2018. Another lovely   Feather Boa Garden party. Diane Arthur hosted the André Rieu friendship group New Zealand. Another beautiful evening of lovely music, dancing, laughter, friendship and nice food. Click on the picture to watch the video, created by Jennifer Harrison.
March 9, 2018. Sandy Beach interviewed André by telephone, on the occasion of the announcement of his Eastern USA and Canada Tour in September 2018. It is a radio interview from Buffalo, USA, for WBEN Insider Club. Click on the picture.
March 8, 2018. After his concert in Berlin (February 2018), Universal Music surprised André with a very special gift for reaching the magical number of 500 platinum awards for worldwide sales of CDs and DVDs. Congratulations André and Johann Strauss Orchestra! Click on the picture.
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