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Fan Dinner, Friday July 7, 2023.
2023: Ship the “Jekervallei”.
This year we received only 40 fan dinner registrations with quite a number of new guests, of 10 nationalities. The shipping company allowed us to have a smaller ship, with a maximum of 80 guests. The tables inside are suitable for 8 persons and there are also seats at the deck outside Please check in with Ruud and Ineke who will give you two drink coupons. These can be used as desired for consumption of your choice: soft drinks, water, coffee/tea, beer or (house) wine. Other drinks are pay as you go, by the guests themselves. Access from 5 pm: The buffet opens at approximately 5.30 pm. Cold dishes Meatloaf with Limburg mostard, Italian ham with crostini and aioli, Norwegian shrimp cocktail with cocktail sauce, Carpaccio salad, Green salad, Bread and mini rolls with herb butter. Hot meals Pork tenderloin medallions with mushroom cream sauce, Rosemary potatoes, Victoria perch with dried tomato sauce, seasonal vegetables. Approx. 7 PM: Dessert will be served at the table or can be eaten on the deck: Chocolate mousse with white chocolate chips. Dinner will end at approx. 8 PM. It’s a 15 minute walk to the Vrijthof. Enjoy your concert!
Our contact person: Jerom Roosen
Catering lady: Beata.
Again, for the 11th year in a row, the shipping company served us a great dinner. Besides, they surprised us by offering a sailing trip as a bonus. After all the guests were on board, the mooring lines were cast loose and we sailed along the Maas, past André’s castle.
Ursula, Barbara and Chrissie Roberts
Heather Jamieson, the Conners, Beth Stevens
Ulla, Rhonda, Chris Fowler, Bjorn, Kirsten
Gunilla, Torben and Kirsten Esbensen
Thecla and Frank
John and Al
Nicky and Dawn Critchfield, Kathy and Julia
Maite Funtanet, Adoracion, Montserrat
Bobbie de Jong
Jeanette Heijkoop
Heather, cardboard André and Bill
Heather, Ineke, Gary, Bill Jamieson
Jeanette, Birgit Ottink, Barbara Fischer.
Church St. Pieter and André’s castle
André’s castle
Dawn, when do you come to Barcelona?
Stiphout, thank you for this afternoon filled with happy memories.
Duration: 8 min 30 sec.
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