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Train from Schiphol to Maastricht Updated with 2018 train schedule
For all fans arriving at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and elect to travel by train to Maastricht, please find some useful information below: If your flight originates at an airport OUTSIDE of Europe, you will enter the arrival hall through arrival gates 3 & 4 (left on picture below). If your flight originates in Europe, or if you had a transfer within Europe, you will enter the arrival hall through gates 1 & 2.
To buy tickets for the train, you can use the ticket vending machines in the arrival hall. These vending machines accept Mastercard and Visa credit cards. You can also buy tickets at the ticket booths (indicated by the red arrows above). They will also accept credit cards, but only with a build-in chip in combination with a PIN code. Price of a single ticket to Maastricht is: € 25.70 (second class) or € 43.70 (first class). Travel time: 2 hours 38 minutes. Suggestion: if you travel with a lot of luggage or you have to take a train before 9:30 AM (rush hour), I suggest purchasing a first class ticket. Less crowded and more space. At the airport all signs are in English.
Note: As of July 1st, 2014, the ticket dispenser will issue ‘electronic’ tickets. Please swipe your tickets at Schiphol and in Maastricht using the “OV Chip” validation boxes at the railway stations. At Schiphol, these boxes can be found in the arrival hall, just before you take the escalator/elevator down to the platforms. In Maastricht they are at the end of the platform. Swipe your ticket both at Schiphol (to check in) and in Maastricht (to check out).
When you have purchased your ticket(s), use the escalator to go down to platform 3 (which is downstairs on your right side). The escalators/elevators are located in the middle of the arrival hall and cannot be missed. The train you need to take, departs at XX.00 and XX.30 minutes past the hour. Trains are punctual. This train has a final destination of "Nijmegen". In Utrecht Central Station (Utrecht C) you need to change trains. See sign below. "Vertrek" means "departure".
32 minutes later, you will arrive at Platform 19 in Utrecht Central station. Now cross the platform over to the other side (which is Platform 18) and hop on the train which is already waiting there.
Picture above is Utrecht C. On the left is the train at platform 19 arriving from Amsterdam Airport. On the right is the train to Maastricht at platform 18. From here it is another two hours ride to Maastricht, no more change of trains required. From Maastricht train station: take a taxi to your hotel.
Station Platform Departure Departure Schiphol 3 xx:00 xx:30 Utrecht CS 19 xy.34 xy:04 Utrecht CS 18 xy.39 xy:09 Maastricht 1 xx.34 (+2.5hr) xx.04 (+2.5hr) Timetable from Schiphol
Train from Eindhoven to Maastricht. Some fans arrive at the airport of Eindhoven. They have to take a bus to the railway station. From the railway station of Eindhoven there is a straight train connection to Maastricht. Trains depart every 30 minutes to Maastricht, duration of the trip is one hour and 3 minutes. Train schedule: XX.01 and XX.31. Trains depart here from track 1. A class 2 ticket one way costs € 16,80 and a class 1 ticket € 28,60. Be aware to enter the right part (the front part) of the train in order to arrive in Maastricht. In cases like these are two sections of trains coupled together. The rear part is normally disconnected at an intermediate stop and might go to a different destination. “Voor” means “front” and “Achter” means “rear”. If you happen to discover that you are in the wrong part of the train, just exit the next intermediate stop and enter the front part of the train. But be quick, you might  only have one or two minutes at these intermediate stops. Between Eindhoven and Maastricht there are three more intermediate stops: Weert, Roermond and Sittard.
Another nice thing to know: In some parts of the Dutch trains you may see the words: “silence S stilte” on the windows. The intention there for you is to be quiet. People using this part of the train like to study, read or work on their laptops, in a quiet atmosphere. If you are there with your family/ fan friends, being excited and talking about the André concerts, please select a different part of the train and have fun!
New is an option to travel from Schiphol to Maastricht and vice versa by KLM - BUS. Find the information on the following link:
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