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The three Maastricht webcams. Hotel DuCasque replaced the aging webcam in July 2014, facing the Vrijthof square in Maastricht. Since November 2018 “Webcam-Maastricht“ added another webcam overlooking the river Meuse, from café-restaurant “The Piepenhoes”. We can see their own outside terrace along the river, and the ancient Servaes Bridge. Since January 2022 “Webcam-Maastricht” added another webcam to the Vrijthof Square, from the side. Please click HERE to see the images of these three high quality webcams.
Twelve Maastricht 2023 concerts on sale!! Thu July 6, Fri July 7, Sat July 8, and Sun July 9, 2023. Thu July 13, Fri July 14, Sat July 15. Sun July 16, 2023. Thu July 20, Fri July 21, Sat July 22, Sun July 23. The official ticket sales have been started at https://www.andrerieu.com/en/tour Hotel- and VIP packages will be available via André Rieu Travel: www.andrerieu.com/travel Terrace packages are available at: www.visitmaastricht.com/andre-rieu/vrijthof-concerts The fan dinner registration on Fri. July 7th is open on this website under “Maastricht Info”. Please register first. You can pay later. https://www.andrerieumovies.com/maastricht_fandinner.htm
Important message for the fans about FAKE RIEUS. Currently a few fake Rieus are misleading the fans on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. Be sure that the real André Rieu never writes messages to fans on Facebook, via PM or otherwise. He’ll never ask for money or whatever. He has no adopted son, he does not announce concerts or Meet and Greets on Facebook. The right information can be found on his official website: www.andrerieu.com. So please report and block these fake persons. Instructions (from André’s Facebook page) how to do that, click HERE.
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January 1st, 2023. Limbourgeois (L1 TV) interview with André Rieu in Vienna. An extended report from Vienna, where André gave two concerts in November. Jo Cortenraedt walked with him through the streets of the Austrian capital city, discovering the birthplace of his music. Click on the picture.
Privé/Telegraaf, December 1st 2022. “This was a year to never forget” “We are completely back after the pandemic. How we enjoyed it again, especially in the Netherlands this summer," says the waltz king in an exclusive interview with Privé, in which he looks back on an exciting 2022. Click on the picture to read the full article.
December 5, 2022. Dutch TV, AvroTros, NPO 1. André’s Sunday mornings. Ivo Niehe interviews André about his Sunday morning rituals. Click on the picture.
December 7, 2022. During the entire month of December 2022 André was in the picture on Dutch TV. To our great pleasure, the episodes of the long awaited new soap series were also broadcast on Dutch TV. Click on the picture to watch the episodes and read a few articles from the Limburg paper.
December 10, 2022 Christmas in the MECC in Maastricht. Click on the picture
January 24, 2023. Nelly Eymael, Marjorie’s mother, André Rieu’s mother in law, has been posthumously awarded a “Yad Vashem,” Israel's highest award for people who risked their lives during the Holocaust to save Jews. To read the article from the Limburg newspaper, click on the picture.
On January 6, 2024, Rieu will perform in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam and on January 7 2024 in the Sportpaleis in Antwerp, Belgium. Ticket sales for these concerts have been started on Friday February 3rd, at 10.00 am CET.
April 30, 2013. On February 16th André Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra performed for the first time in the Kingdom of Bahrain. André posted a YouTube video of the concert in the Al Dana Amphitheatre. Click on the picture.
Maastricht July concerts.
New Year’s Concerts 2024.
Christmas concerts MECC Maastricht 2023. On 15, 16 and 17 December 2023, you can once again enjoy André's magical event in a beautiful winter setting. Be enchanted in André's exquisite Christmas decor with snow, ice rinks, and chandeliers. Tickets for the concerts at MECC Maastricht are available via www.andrerieu.com/tour. Hotel- and VIP-packages are available through André Rieu Travel: www.andrerieu.com/travel
April 7, 2023. Article from Telegraaf/Priv é, André Rieu: 'Performing during the Easter weekend? No thank you!' Click on the picture.
April 26, 2023. Title of the Maastricht 2023 concerts: “Love is all around”. "Love is the music of our hearts, and it knows no boundaries. It is the most wonderful form of emotion and the most beautiful melody that we can play in our lives. I wish you all much love and music, and I hope you will enjoy this year's Maastricht concert full of joy and romance in your local cinema" says André. The movie of this concert will be screened in the Dutch cinemas, on August 26 and 27, 2023. Tickets are already for sale on www.andreincinemas.com .
June 5th 2023. The movie of the 2023 Maastricht concerts, “Love is all around”, will be screened in the Dutch cinemas on August 26 and 27, 2023. Today we found Alice Leung’s report and photo show of the 2021 cinema screening in Vancouver. In 2020 and 2021 there were no concerts on the Vrijthof, due to the corona lock down. That is why André put together a 2021 film with the highlights of recent years. Alice wrote a nice report. Click on the picture.
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