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Gouwe Ouwen, page 2. Golden Oldies at full speed
June 17th 2017: The Midsummer Party at Care Center Houthaghe, The Hague, the Netherlands. Mrs. Rieu (Joke Breedijk), fake conductor of the fake mime Johann Strauss Orchestra “The Golden Oldies at Full Speed” invited a few guest performers. We see a Mary Poppins (doll) being lowered from a balcony and Dutch star imitators such as “Sugar Lee Hooper” and “Anneke Grönloh” perform. Sugar Lee passed away many years ago. She was a remarkable person, had a hit song: “Oh, wat ben je mooi” (Oh, how beautiful you are). She was bold, overweight and wore wide tulle dresses, making her look even more overweight than she already was. We see Clara playing the part of Sugar Lee, together with her great granddaughter Jara, who had problems with pebbles in her sandals… and Joke Breedijk created the dresses. Nellie played Anneke Grönloh with the song ”Paradiso” and “little” Joke played Mary Poppins. The doll was created by Joke Breedijk. We see the Loosduinen anthem played (the flag with three dunes). Loosduinen was a former independant village, now a part of The Hague, exactly the area the group and we live in. Many residents of the retirement homes here hail from Loosduinen. And the song about The Hague by “Haagse Harry” is well-known: “O, o, The Hague, beautiful city behind the dunes”. Flag of the city of The Hague: yellow and green with a stork.
Photo credits: Ramon Meesters and Jolanda de Jong. We thank Jolanda for the video part of “Anneke Grönloh”.
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Music and romance belong together. Just like in the JSO, love is flourishing in the Golden Oldies orchestra. Two orchestra members of 69 and 73 found each other. In this case no newborn babies…. Only grand- and great-grandchildren!
June 6th, 2018. Just a few weeks ago Joke Breedijk, the leading lady of the funny and successful senior mime group “Golden Oldies at full speed” was diagnosed with colon- and liver cancer. Of course that has turned her world upside down. We still hope she can join us in Maastricht in July 2018. She was interviewed by a local broadcast channel of The Hague TV and they had an enormous surprise for her: a live message by André Rieu himself. Watch the video below.
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