Marc Rieu Interview June 2015
June 2016. Interview with Marc Rieu from 2015, brought to our attention by Lorelei Hunt. Don’t forget to visit Marc’s exhibition during the Maastricht concert days, in the Theater on the Vrijthof, from 12 - 5 PM. Click on the video below to watch the interview. “A portrait of Marc Rieu, landscape painter”. We added Lorelei’s photo shows to this page. Thanks to Entia from South Africa for her assistance with the English language, while John is on holiday.
April 2016. Lorelei Hunt created a Photo Show in April 2016 about “Marc Rieu and his paintings”. Marc is André’s oldest son and a painter. Every year, during his father’s concerts on the Vrijthof, Marc opens an exhibition for the fans to watch and buy his works of art. Watch the videos below. Thanks Lorelei.
Marc’s website: http://www.marcrieu.com/nl/
Concert- and exhibition days in 2016: July 8,9,10 and 14,15,16,17.
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