Salzburg/Vienna May 2016
In May 2016 Ruud and Ineke created their 3 weeks holiday in a musical atmosphere around two concerts in Austria: in Salzburg on May 21st and in Vienna on May 28th.
Salzburg. Hallelujah (composed by Leonard Cohen), sung by the sopranos Donij van Doorn, Carmen Monarcha and Anna Majchrzak. Sanne Mestrom singing along.
The White Horse Inn, at Lake Wolfgang, Austria.
Johann Strauss jr. Stadtpark (Citypark) in Vienna.
Vienna. Orchestra members and fans having fun.
On the pictures: Torben and Kirsten Esbensen (DK), Patrecia Upton (Bulgaria), and the Romanian fans Dori, Felicia, Oana, Mathe.
Below is the evidence that I handed over the Maastricht hotel banner to the Romanian fans for their Bucharest fan picnic.
Vienna. Again Hallelujah (composed by Leonard Cohen). In Salzburg we noticed that Sanne was happily singing along. This video from Vienna concentrates on Sanne, clearly having fun. More members of the Johann Strauss Orchestra are singing along. Watch Roger Diederen behind Sanne, never known he had vocal qualities…
From Facebook: Sanne Mestrom shared our (first) video. Her comment: “Ok... Everybody that knows me knows I'm always singing to every song. My roommate Jennifer Haas loves it thank God because I don't always notice it myself! Now this is another level: I got caught doing it on stage. Apparently I just can't shut up when I know the lyrics and am not allowed to play yet. Thanks to my lovely friend Donij Van Doorn (who is actually singing on stage) for sending me this link. Enjoy me at 1 min. 44.......…  I'm not even ashamed, clearly I was feeling the moment”.
Libiamo, the drinking song. One way or another Carmen ended up with the beer.
A smoky situation…
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