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Sept. 11th, 2014

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The Maastricht webcam is back online!

Hotel DuCasque replaced the aging webcam in July 2014.

Please click HERE to see the images of the new high quality webcam facing the Vrijthof square in Maastricht. Many thanks to Hotel DuCasque for this service.

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Locations of Site Visitors

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In loving memory Howard and Susan Horder

In Memoriam

August 2014: A tribute website is now live. Feel free to send in a photo and/or your personal story and memories.

You may do so by e-mailing

tributehowardandsusan@gmail.com or via the website


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Avond gasten

(Evening guests).

July 2014:

Limburg TV program.

Interview with Pierre and Marc Rieu, the day before the start of the concerts in Maastricht.

Click on the picture to watch the video.

L1mbourgeois and more

L1mbourgeois and more.

July 2014.

Several TV programs,

broadcast by Limburg television. Reporter:

Jo Cortenraedt.

Click on the picture

To watch the videos.


“Palet” article from 2011.

“Palet is a magazine for painters, illustrators and art-lovers. In 2012

they posted an article about Marc Rieu and his paintings.

During the concert days in July 2014, Marc gave Ineke the magazine and she translated the article for all the fans to read.

Click on the picture.

Painting to the right:

”Lost heroes”.


August 12, 2014.

New concert tour

“My favorite things”.

TV Limburg interviews Mirusia about her new solo tour of twelve concerts through the Netherlands, starting at September 27 in Maastricht, in the theater of the Vrijthof.

Click on the picture. We added English subtitles.

August 16th 2014.

Mirusia engaged.

Today Mirusia announced her engagement to Youri.

Mirusia allowed us an interview, exclusively for the Movies website and the Harmony Parlor.

Click on the picture to read this interview.

Mirusia and Youri: we wish you both a VERY HAPPY FUTURE TOGETHER.

Mirusia Louwerse (3)

Bill’s oldies  from 1997/1998.

In August 2014 Bill Oliver from the UK became a member of the Harmony Parlor on Facebook. He posted a few video clips from 1997/98, which he recorded from the Austrian and German Television. We enjoyed them very much.

Click HERE to watch 8 “golden oldies”.

Another Golden Oldie recorded by Bill Oliver. It is from 2002.

The TROS music special:

“The trip of your life”.

Tros invited 800 of their members to join a cruise to the USA and Mexico. On board were many Dutch artists to entertain the audience. André and the JSO were there as well.  Click on the picture.

2002: TROS Cruise

Sept. 2014.

FANS from before the year 2000

and still fans in 2014….

Who are these fans that have known André the longest?? Since there is not much André news at this moment (holiday, rehearsing) we chronicled our own interesting stories. Who discovered André first, who took the first photo with him? Memories of twenty years ago and having aged together with André. Read these very interesting stories in the Harmony Parlor, posted as a continuing series. First fans in the spotlight!!

Part 1: Sonja Harper and Ruth Morgan (USA). Click HERE.

Part 2: Ruud/Ineke and Han Scheuerman from the Netherlands. Click HERE.

Click on the picture of young André to go to the Harmony Parlor.



Salon Orchestra

Mirusia is promoting her new solo tour “My favorite Things”.

The premiere will be in Maastricht on September 27, 2014

followed by cities of Apeldoorn, Doetinchem, Middelburg, Haarlem, Vlaardingen, Delft, Nieuwegein, Zaandam, Veld- hoven, Venlo. Check dates and purchase tickets on


Another link to purchase Mirusia’s DVDs/Cds: Click HERE.

Worldwide shipping from the Netherlands.

Sept. 10th 2014 from Mirusia’s Facebook:

I am happy to announce that I am moving back to the Netherlands for a year. This month

I will embark on my Favorite Things tour through the Netherlands with my own orchestra.

From November 2014 I will rejoin André Rieu on tour around the world.

Update by Mirusia on Facebook:

The contest!

Do you have a talent for writing? Now is your chance to spend a day with Mirusia and crew in Drunen (NL) on Sept. 25, even have a meal together. Write a review of a recently attended show (max. 200 words) and e-mail it to contest@mirusia.net before Sept. 17. The winner receives a personal message.

Additional Try-Out concert Mirusia:

Mirusia will perform a try-out concert on September 25th 2014 in Theater “De Voorste Venne” in the Dutch city of Drunen.

Start of the concert: 20.15 hrs (8.15 PM).

Tickets ( € 25 ) are on sale now:


Mirusia Louwerse (4)

From André’s PRESS ROOM site: dates for the first weekend in Maastricht!

The fan dinner will then be on Friday July 10th 2015.

Message from the Horder family and friends in Australia:

Susan and Howard returned back home, so they can say goodbye to them now. Members of the Horder family and two friends will come to Maastricht in July to attend a concert and the fan dinner. They will be our guests of honor.