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Last update: Sept.10th 2017
Laura Engel, soprano, performed her new En-Canto concert on Wednesday July 12th in theater La Bonbonnière in Maastricht. Guest: Roger Diederen. Click on the picture for an impression of this concert.
July 2017. André Rieu concerts on the Vrijthof in Maastricht, the Netherlands. Click on the left side menu button “Maastricht 2017 concerts” to experience all of our video reports.
July 9th, 2017 L1mbourgeois Traditionally Jo Cortenraedt of the local L1 TV station and presenter of the L1mbourgeois program, makes an impression of the Rieu concerts on the square. He speaks with Pierre about the additional security measures, with many fans from all over the world and with the master himself. Click on the picture to see this program.
Big surprise in the last weekend! The managers of the shop “Your Market booth”, Jodenstraat 32, Maastricht (The street left of the Tourist Office), announced a new “Meet and Greet” by soprano Anna Majchrzak. on Saturday July 22nd, at 2.30 PM. Click on the picture.
The Maastricht party is over! Thank you André Rieu and crew for the wonderful concert series which we have enjoyed to the utmost. Bye bye, see you again in San Jose (USA), and next year in Amsterdam (New Year’s concert) and of course again in July on the Vrijthof in Maastricht.
July 24th 2017. Interview broadcast by L1. The making of the cinema version of the 2017 Maastricht concerts. Click on the picture to watch the video.
August 2nd 2017 More news about the gender of Mirusia’s and Youri’s baby (expected to be born early December 2017) and an Interview with Mirusia “Sharing a life in music with the heart”, by Carolyn McDowall, for ”The culture concept circle”. Click on the picture to go to Mirusia’s page 7.
GOLDMEMBERSHIP Letter of the end of July 2017 to a gold member: Dear Goldmember, As you have undoubtedly seen, we have launched a completely new website, which makes our visibility even better on both large and small screens and there are more online photos and videos, showing André and his orchestra. Nothing actually changes for Goldmembers. But the new design will be a pleasant surprise.
August 7, 2017: NEWS: From Facebook, announcement by Carmen Monarcha and Octavio Augusto Oliveira: “Dear friends and fans, We're very happy to announce the arrival of a new light in our lives: we're pregnant!! We're blessed by God to make a new life out of our love!! May it grow strong and make us even stronger as persons”. Congratulations Carmen and Octavio, we are so happy for you!
For convenience, we will simple list the benefits here: - you will receive current news and updates in the digital newsletter. - you will enjoy discounts in our webshop after logging into your account. - you are entitled to presales. You will receive an email with details of the offer period and a link for placing an order. In the coming months the website will become more extensive to attract even more fans to André and his orchestra. For that reason we will not be extending goldmembership for the time being, but you can continue to enjoy the benefits. Of course we will let you know when we are ready to present the new developments. They are the result of carefully listening to wishes and suggestions from many fans. With musical greetings, André Rieu Productions Team.
André Rieu will return to Amsterdam for his annual New Year's Concert! Join the party and enjoy a festive start of the year with waltzes, classical music, operetta and musical... Book your hotel package now via André Rieu Travel
August 11, 2017. Today we found a big surprise on Facebook: a video portrait of Carla Maffioletti about her time of two years with the Lucerne Opera House in Switzerland. The video is titled “Spielzeit Nachtigall” and created by Isabelle Häcki. Carla speaks German, but English subtitles are added. Click on the picture to go to Carla’s page (5) and scroll down till the end of the page. To support Carla’s Dream maker’s project and new album, click HERE (page 6).
Article in the Limburger of August 12th, 2017: Rieu is striving for 12 concerts on the Vrijthof in Maastricht next year!! Click HERE to read the full article in the Harmony Parlor.
August 12, 2017. Frank Steijns and Madieke Marjon (mezzo soprano in the JSO choir) joined a carillon/organ/piano concert in Bournville (Birmingham), UK. Click on the picture to watch a video impression. Thank you Lorelei Hunt for the photo and the video.
August 25, 2017. Currently André Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra are performing four concerts in Santiago de Chile. Mirusia on Facebook: “Two pregnant sopranos! It's so lovely that one of my best friends in the world is pregnant at the same time as me. Big congratulations to my sister-in-song, Carmen Monarcha. I can't wait to share baby memories together”.
August 29, 2017. Official Classic FM Chart reveals the biggest selling international classical artist of the last 25 years in the UK: André Rieu! André thanked the “incredible” support from the British public, adding: “I could not ask for more enthusiastic and loyal fans and every step of the way Classic FM and its listeners have been with me. I’m thrilled and honored to be the number one international classical artist. Thank you and keep waltzing Britain!”
September 1st 2017. NDR (German TV broadcast): Tietjen and Bommes. At the beginning of 2018 André Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra will tour Germany again. Bettina Tietjen and Alexander Bommes invited André as a guest in their program. Click on the picture to watch the program.
September 2017: A new Golden Oldie from 1995! Parts from the Austrian TV show Musikantenstadl. The famous Hungarian gypsy music from the operetta “Countess Maritza” and the Strauss polka “Thunder and Lightning”. Thanks to Kyle Craft who brought it to our attention. Click on the picture.
Sunday, September 10th, 2017. For the second year in a row the Maastrichts Salon Orchestra will be the closing act of the PARCOURS- Festival (Opening of the Cultural Season). Theaters, museums and other cultural institutions give a taste of their programs for the coming season. At various stages in Maastricht, amateurs and professionals will give sparkling performances and organize a variety of activities. The MSO performs at the historic inner harbour of Maastricht: ‘t Bassin. At 6 PM. Entrance is free. Click on the picture.
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